the vaccine injured and dead

Matt Le Tissier on vaccine deaths in athletes
“Died Suddenly” – the documentary – Nov. 21, 2022
In remembrance…
Dropping like flies
Too young to die
Funeral home director
The Testimonies Project
I am not misinformation
I was injured by the vaccine and no ones cares
COVID vax effects
Marilyn’s story
Urgent, alarming stats of COVID vaccine recipients, up until May 7, 2021
Vaccine injuries are skyrocketing
Is the vaccine safe and effective?
We are seeing more injuries from COVID vaccines than from COVID 19
Pilot with cardiac episode
Interview with Josh Yoder of American Airlines
Eric Clapton’s vaccine injury
Heartbreaking vaccine injuries
Maddie de Garay’s catastrophic vaccine injuries
Shingles and heart problems

whistleblowers on vaccine injuries

Tawny, from California
Erica, from Quebec
Colette Martin, from US
Kevin, from New York
Erin, from New York City
Nurse gets Bells Palsy/facial paralysis from vaccine

See the excellent, full documentary, “Uniformed Consent,” Parts 1 & 2 below:

Uninformed Consent documentary – Part 1
Uninformed Consent documentary – Part 2

Documentary: Safe and Effective

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