Please try to answer the following questions as honestly as you can, stepping outside of the current political climate, taking out all emotion, shedding investment of beliefs accumulated in the last few years – and just answer these questions with common sense.


  • Have you ever noticed that Democrat politicians will have multiple Congressional leaders go on media and say the exact same phrases, verbatim, on several different media outlets?
  • Did you know that this is a method that goes back decades for making people believe something that is not true. The more repetition they use, “no one is above the law”, “it was a video that caused the attack” (on Bengazi), “we have to reimagine…the police (and insert other topics after the word “reimagine”, and more?
  • If they were speaking truthfully, why would they need to all follow the exact same script?
  • Does using this technique assume that they believe their supporters are not intelligent enough to thin k for themselves, and draw their own conclusions, based on facts and evidence?
  • Do you ever recall Republicans, Independents, or Libertarians using this tactic of saying the same exact phrase over and over again, so that the media repeats it, so that the people absorb it and begin to believe it is true?
  • Why would they need to use this tactic if they were speaking the truth?


  • If you take away funding for police, won’t less police mean less protection, and thus more crimes committed?
  • Wouldn’t defunding police empower the criminals to be bolder?
  • Wouldn’t cash bail also encourage criminals to commit more and worse crimes?


  • If you have to show a vaccine ID, why would you not have to show an ID to vote?
  • Isn’t assuming that people of color do not have the agency (wherewithal) to to obtain their own form of government issued ID extremely racist?
  • Isn’t assuming that these people cannot drive demeaning and racist, since it is based on their skin color?
  • Did you know that most other countries including Canada and UK require ID to vote in their countries?

IS IT OKAY TO _____?_____:

  • Censor a specific group’s free speech (that is not profane or inciting of violence)?
  • Censor a doctor’s free speech?
  • Is it okay for media to not report the truth?
  • Is it okay for media to lie to the American public?
  • Is it healthy for a society for the media to only present one side/the government’s point-of-view on issues?
  • Is it okay to have media advocate a position instead of reporting facts?


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