Dennis Meadows of Club of Rome on the need for depopulation
Predicaments of mankind
NWO’s depopulation agenda
This is what the bastards are planning for you
Gates goal is to depopulate the earth through vaccines – a gentle type of depopulation that’s not scary to people
Bill Gates on the perceived need to depopulate the earth’s population by at least 15%
Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, has dreams of depopulation by 50%
Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, on depopulation
Ted Turner is a proponent of depopulation
A 2009 interview with a doctor describing exactly what we are seeing now
Infertility, A Diabolical Agenda
The COVID 19 genocide
Why does Bill Gates want to use vaccines to decrease the world population?

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Culling the African families first
Depopulation, is it the new normal?
mRNA effects on fertility
Law professor Francis Boyle, the vaccine is the real bioweapon
Formula for disaster
Gates Fauci evolving too slowly
Novavax injuries

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