early warnings

medical tyranny

It started with the Rockefellers’ crude meningitis vaccine experiment
Rockefellers’ plan on how to bring down the world with a pandemic
60 Minutes interview with victim of vaccine for Swine Flu in 1976
2009 a look back at Swine Flu
Similarities between Swine Flu and COVID
Biden in 1987 predicting medical tyranny
Bill Clinton detailing crimes against humanity, circa 1994
Discussion on science and technology during Charlie Rose interview when SARS was a concern
2009 – Dr. Rima and Jesse Ventura on mandatory vaccines to depopulate
A 2008 video clip of David Icke predicting the future
Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister in 2009 as she describes the bird flu being a bioweapon
Rosa Koire speaking in 2013 about Agenda 21
Investigative reporter, Harry Vox, in 2014 – evidence of preplanning the pandemic
Seeking flu outbreak to use MRNa vaccines
Fauci predicting pandemic in 2017

controlling minds

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America
The Tavistock Institute of mind control in the 1980s

the coming communism and new world order

David Icke talking over a decade ago about the coming American police state.
Carol Sagan’s warning 25 years ago
Conservative think tank predicts future scenarios
R.W. Welch Jr. in 1958 discussing the elitist insiders’ strategy for undermining American sovereignty
Interview with Anthony Sutton in 1988 on “the best enemies money can buy”

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, on questioning things
Message form a Yugoslavian woman when the George Floyd riots broke out all across the US

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