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Forget everything the politicians and the media have told you for just a few minutes, and ask yourself these common sense questions, answering them honestly:

  • When in all of human history have we ever quarantined a healthy population instead of a sick population?
  • When in human history have we ever masked a healthy population instead of a sick population?
  • When have we ever accused a non-vaccinated but healthy population of spreading disease? Of doing so to those protected by the vaccine?
  • When have we ever recommended vaccines for children who are at a virtual non-risk for getting a particular illness?
  • When in all of history has the US government ever decided that an off-use purpose of a widely and successfully used medicine must be stripped from being prescribed for a particular illness?
  • When has the government ever told pharmacists not to fill prescriptions that had been routinely filled for years?
  • Why would the government and media censor all forms of legitimate dissent and questioning about an illness and or treatments that have turned the world’s lives upside down?
  • If they have nothing to hide, why then is there a need to censor other opinions, particularly when they are coming from eminently qualified physicians and scientists?
  • Why were all of the restrictive strategies toward handling the pandemic all executed at the same time in all of the countries around the globe – in other words, highly coordinated and planned?
  • Why were all of these severe restrictions worldwide pushed – after the first few months of learning what we were dealing with – almost exclusively by liberal politicians, not the conservative ones? Does this show signs of premeditated planning and widespread coordination on a global scale?
  • Who profited from the severe restrictions – politically, financially, and medically?
  • Why were people who supported all other vaccines – polio, measles, mumps, rubella, tuberculosis – but who had questions about the rushed and experimental COVID vaccines, using a novel RNA delivery system, with no data at all collected on possible harmful effects, suddenly called “antivaxxers”?
  • Does questioning the validity of safety and efficacy claims in the absence of of full clinical trials, in the absence of successful animal trials first, in the absence of long-term studies antivaxxist?
  • Shouldn’t vaccine makers bear some liability with their vaccines, so that people who take them have a chance for recourse if they are severely harmed (or their loved ones killed) by a vaccine?
  • Why is there no system for ensuring that vaccines adverse effects are properly recorded – each and every incident? (The VAERS database grossly underreports, as it is based on self-reporting).
  • Why did some Democrats insist on white people getting their treatments last – why was skin color attached at all, rather than who was the sickest?
  • Why were the severe restrictions continually disregarded by the very politicians who ordered the whole country to use them?
  • Why were all 3 branches of the government and certain Congressional staff, along with postal workers given exemptions from taking the vaccines?
  • Why were there several dry-run planning sessions and practices at how to institute severe restrictive measures during a pandemic, such as worldwide lockdowns, masking, and social distancing leading up to this pandemic? Why were participants in these sessions predicting that Trump would face a pandemic during his term? Why were the sessions attended by high profile leftist politicians, big tech icons, and CIA members? Why would the CIA be involved?
  • Why did their conversation not concentrate on how to instruct people to stay healthy, but turned into a brainstorming session on relegating true facts as “disinformation” and employing a global censorship campaign?
  • When in human history have the powers that have censored their citizens been the good guys?

If you were unsure of the answers to these questions, please explore the content on this site to learn more – to learn what vital information has been systematically suppressed and hidden from you.

We all deserve better!

“Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.”

~ Proverbs 27:5-6


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June 2022