global crimes against humanity

see heavily censored content. step outside of “the bubble.”

Party affiliation, age, religion, race, gender, and any other group identities have no bearing on the truth. Our common enemy is a group of globalist elites, who are imposing their agendas on the peoples of the world, in countries across the globe, at the expense of everything good about humanity, our mental and physical health, and our very lives. They have betrayed us all.

We, who know the truth, need you, who do not. Step up and see what you’ve been lied to about, and join us – the citizens of the entire world – to reclaim our countries, our senses of peace, and our lives.

It will take courage to review the content on this site. The things you will learn are things it took those of us initiated to these atrocities years to digest, challenge, fear, and finally understand. Go into the foxhole with us. It will not be easy, but you will find people there willing to help you and love you and guide you through the inevitable period of cognitive dissonance. We, who know the truth, were once in your shoes. We once brushed off the things you will learn too, as being crazy, ridiculous, a conspiracy theory, fake news, debunked, foolish to believe, impossible, figments of imagination, and any number of categories you can relegate facts, people, motives, events, to that are outside of our ability to comprehend as true. These are things that run counter to everything we thought we knew throughout much of our lives. We are here to help guide you through to the other side – the side of truth and light, as we shine a spotlight on the horrors we are living through. There is only one way to fight this battle and win: together.

global in scale.

The first thing to know is that there are highly powerful people who, across the past century, have been planning for and nudging us toward a global form of one-world government, a New World Order. In their dystopian, global-governance dreams, the very few elites will rule the masses. There will no longer be national sovereignties or individual rights. There will be no religions, no freedoms, no unfettered access to the truth, no capacity to control your own money freely, no freedom of choice, no families, no mothers, no fathers, no genders, no voting voice, no private property, no rule by the people, no rule of law, no way to live completely free. There will just be the state and the statist directives to control humanity. They will use propaganda, government-run media, censorship of social media, public shaming and cancellation, corporatism, blackmail, and entirely self-induced tragedies, such as recessions, fuel and food shortages, mass shooter events, to gain more powers over the people and strip them of their rights and their protections under the law. It has happened so gradually over such a lengthy period of time, that few have been alerted to their plans. The evidence, however, is not hard to find. Everything has sped up exponentially with their time clock, due to the remote chance that an outsider candidate would ever be elected to lead the free world actually happening. Their plans for the masses span the globe. The way we win control back over our own lives and destinies is to stop being complacent and compliant, to start learning who and what we are up against, stop harping on our divisions, and come together by what binds us. We can stop them and their heinous plans for humanity, because there are millions of us and only a few hundred of them. We must share the truth and wake people up, coaxing them out of their comfortable bubble of perception driven by liars, and into the reality we now all face. Standing together, we can defeat them.

do the work.

Please review the materials throughout this site. It will require time and effort, but will be illuminating. Ours lives, plus those of the generations beyond ours, all depend on more of us knowing the truth. We all deserve the truth. We all deserve better.

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